Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal comes from a long and distinquished line of the most important perfumer in Barcelona and Spain. He represents the fourth generation of the founders of the House of Myrurgia, which was the official purveyor of the Spanish Royal Family.

His training began back in 1972 in Myrurgia itself, where he began a period of intense study, memorizing and familiarizing himself with the very best scents including the mythical infusions of amber, Tonquin musk, castoreum, civet or iris. They were the best kept secret of the House and the key to the only couture perfume existing at the time.

From his beginnings as a perfumer, Ramon showed courage, good taste and mastery of the most complicated and costly ingredients. Also, early on he began to develop the concept of lfactory image the image we project through fragrance, a concept which still continues to enrich and grow. With great sensitivity, thoroughness and zeal in preparing creations, it took him years to specialise in the search, selection, evaluation and acquisition of the finest natural ingredients.

In 1979 Ramon Monegal, the perfumer, created his first fragrance, Alada or ‘Winged’, which brought unexpected success to the Myrurgia House. It led the domestic market for decades. Not until 2007, did he decide to relinquish his emotional ties to the family project to which he had dedicated most of his life, making the decision to initiate a new project. He longed to reach the end user as a true perfumist, without filters, without system, without subterfuge.

After 30 years in his profession, having become a Master Perfumer, the challenge of Ramon Monegal is to acquire excellence, in a way that only a luxury product can do, and transfer his knowledge to the 5th generation. It’s important to him to use formulas containing ingredients and proportions without being coerced by the cost. He longed to use the most noble and delicate essences that exist in the world and as he is so capable, convey feelings and emotions with timeless Mediterranean passion, restoring the natural channel of the craft as art… to excite, entice, surprise, create desire, pleasure and magic. Because in essence, for Ramon Monegal it is all of this together that makes up true luxury.

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