Grandiflora Perfume

Grandiflora Perfume

Grandiflora Perfume – Internationally acclaimed florist and author Saskia Havekes grew up surrounded by market garden and grower farms in Dural, Sydney. After studying horticulture and floristry she cut her teeth working with various florists and installation artists. Grandiflora was established in 1995.

Saskia doesn’t arrange flowers, she curates them. From an artful posy to a full-scale installation always seaching for the chance to sculpt savage beauty out of the bounty of nature and the mutability of the seasons. Drama and scale are her signature.

The chance to create a perfume as a florist is the ultimate luxury because it offers the challenge of paying homage to natural beauty in another medium. Fragrance is a subtle construction, it is not a replication of nature, but rather a play of memory and desire. To re-create and interpret the scent of a flower is rather like telling a story. A story about Saskia’s passion for the mystery that is an elusive flower.

In creating the scent, Magnolia Grandiflora – Sandrine; Sandrine Videault, internationally respected parfum artisan and nose understood the layering and the infinitely small acts of preference that bring you to a perfume. It is with great sadness to all that she passed away in July, 2013, but her last cherished Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine is a lasting testament to her beauty and talent. The second perfume Magnolia Grandiflora – Michel; by Michel Roudnitska was his interpretation of Magnolia and after Sandrine’s sad passing was gifted to Saskia to honour her.

The release of twin Magnolia fragrances is a celebration of two highly creative innovators in the delicate art of parfum.

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