Royal Fern Skincare

Royal Fern Skincare

Royal Fern Skincare – the perfect symbiosis of highly effective substances from nature and modern anti-aging cell research.


At the core of the new skin care series Royal Fern is a plant with unique properties: the fern. The plant has adapted perfectly to the earth’s changing state for over 400 million years: Ferns were the first plants that came from the sea and developed on land. Ferns are evergreen and act as a natural, tremendous moisture reserve in forests. They are also highly resistant to sunlight.

This adaptability and resistance to environmental influences, such as UV rays, mean the fern is of high interest for research in cosmetics. International, independent scientific studies show that fern extracts contain valuable substances which positively influence all the signs of intrinsic (genetic) and extrinsic (caused by environmental factors) skin aging. It is proven that fern extracts protect the skin’s sensitive cell DNA and in doing so also protect against light-induced skin aging. They prevent the reduction of collagen and elastin, and stimulate the production of new collagen by releasing increased levels of growth factors. Their huge antioxidant potential ensures that existing damage is repaired and new damage is prevented. Furthermore, the ferns regulate moisture and have an anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial effect – making them the perfect antidote to stress and environmental influences. Plus, the reduction of pigments provides for a smoother complexion.


Dr. Timm Golueke is one of the most renowned dermatologists in Germany and an internationally sought-after anti-aging expert. Together with a team around the internationally recognised chemist and research scientist Prof. Dr. Leonhard Zastrow, who has deve