Lazarus Douvos - New York

Lazarus Douvos - New York

Lazarus Douvos

Lazarus Douvos – New York. ‘A sensory experience absorbed into the very essence of life. Delicate notes of this fragrance, like a momentary love, become an unforgettable memory. The fresh petals nestled at the base of an ancient fountain relic are swept away by the dew of spring’s caress


Attention to detail, classical training, and motivation: what designer, well known to the world or just their town, doesn’t carry these attributes? A personified force with an ongoing taste for luxury gives Lazarus an uplifting flair. It takes a creator to be able to see every shade of a red rose. Born in Australia from Greek immigrants, he had the chance to practice in various salons to continually develop his sixth sense. Trained as a ballet dancer, Lazarus understands that every time a dancer jumps on pointe, three times his body weight is carried on the tip of his toes. This balance between strength and delicate fragility continues to infuse Lazarus’ inspirations. His professional history as a hair stylist began in Florence, Italy, where he worked exclusively as a senior stylist for Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. Currently based in New York, he works for editorial and runway events for major New York designers and personalities. His years of experience in beauty and obsessive attention to detail have made him well suited to complete this contemporary, yet classic line of prestigious hair care.


Christophe Laudamiel is the only perfumer worldwide with scents entered officially in collections such as the ones of International Perfumery Museum in Grasse, Harvard University and the Cleveland Museum of Art. He CO-founded DREAMAIR, an innovation-driven perfumery company, collaborating with refined ingredient suppliers around the globe, renown artists as well as leading olfactory scientists.

He has co-created top 10 fragrances for major houses such as Ralph Lauren, Strange love NYC and other scents for the likes of Beyoncé, Burberry, Helena Christensen, Tom Ford, Michael Kors and for the book and film Perfume the story of a murderer (Sueskind/Tykwer). He has given over 130 speeches and lectures at scientific congresses, universities, and political institutions as perfume education is close to his heart. He is the founder of the not-for-profit Academy of Perfumery in the United States, has contributed chapters to reference books and co-invented several patented, or trade-secret, scent technologies. He graduated valedictorian with a M.Sc. in chemistry before starting an internship in flavors and fragrances at Procter & Gamble.


The first hair care collection crafted like a fine perfume, with an unheard of, conditioner pourable from an elegant glass bottle. No wrap-around stickers, pumps or plastic are part of the instinctive nature of this brand. Minimising consumer confusion and embracing the products natural ingredients further defines the brand’s character. This is one of the very few hair care products that can be sold alongside the most luxurious beauty products including state of the art skin creams and artistic fragrances. This makes it easy for consumers to identify with the simplicity behind the brand’s creative force Lazarus Douvos.

Lazarus is the epitome of an innovative designer who accepts only perfection as his standard. He elevates ROSE 1845 to a level reflected by the hand-blown bottles made in France by Verreries Brosse. Thus protecting the brand’s signature scent ROSE 1845 created by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, using the best of roses hand picked from the gardens of Grasse and other worldly ingredients.

ROSE 1845 is a luxurious hair care created with the highest of standards for the most discerning.

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