Purple Heart v.5


Purple Heart v.5 Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family –  Floral/Crisp/Fruity
Perfume Author – Jacques Huclier

Purple Heart v.5 is an act of valour. Brave. Instinctive. Selfless. Triumphant.

The scent of selfless courage that triumphs. Heralded by bittersweet black fruits, its dark heart of salty liquorice, intense violet and purple roses rises to soar with the optimism of tonka bean awash in ink: the teller of tales.

Head Notes – Black Cherry, Black Plum, Blackberries
Heart Notes – Violet, Purple Rose, Licorice
Base Notes – Black Ink, Australian Sandalwood, Dry Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Map of the Heart – Everything comes from the Heart. It is our essence. Our heart is everything pure, good and evil. It aches, it desires, it is who we are. In mapping our heart we are both explorers and tourists, at the frontiers and the centre, navigating the unknown and the all too familiar. We can tread paths traveled and not. If it touches us, makes us ache, challenges and explores what it is to live, then it is for Map of the Heart



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