Nuit de Megève


Nuit de Megève by Eight and Bob
Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Woods
Perfume Author – Albert Fouquet

In the thirties skiing was a new-born sport reserved for the social elite. In those days St Moritz had already become the place to go for the European aristocracy and one of its habitual visitors was Albert Fouquet, creator of the Eight & Bob perfumes. He made interminable journeys from Paris every winter. Fouquet had been invited to the home of his friend Nicolás where he was looked after by a charming tailor who went from Megève to Paris every year to visit his best clients and to provide them with custom-made ski clothes for the season. While taking measurements there would be an engaging conversation in which the tailor and Nicolás recounted to Fouquet the delights of Megève. On his first day in Megève, having spent a strenuous time on the ski slopes, Fouquet began what was going to be the most magical night he had ever dreamed about. Albert Fouquet had the good fortune to meet the beautiful Annicke, a young Austrian who was the daughter of a banker and a Hungarian noblewoman. Reflected in her face was perfection of feminine beauty. They enjoyed hours of conversation beside the fireplace, laughter and dancing, led to a firm promise to meet again within the next few months.

On his return to Paris, Fouquet wanted to hold on to his memories of that evening without forgetting any part of the magic of Megève: the smell of the mountain air and the wood burning in the fireplace, the ambience created by that select party. He knew that the best way of keeping them alive would be to transform all this into an exquisite aroma that only his extraordinary talent would be able to achieve.

And so a new creation of Albert Fouquet was born: Nuit de Megève.

Head Notes – Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Clove
Heart Notes – Coffee, Vetiver, Iris
Base Notes – Musk, Tobacco, Tonka Bean



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