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P Frapin & Cie

P Frapin & Cie

Tucked away at the heart of Grande Champagne, the most prestigous area in Cognac, lies an estate that has lived and breathed the vine for centuries. As a tribute to her grandfather Pierre Frapin, Béatrice Cointreau has decided to recreate the intimate feel of her childhood home with a collection of memory-invoking fragrances redolent of the warmth, fruit, flowers, dens, attics and simple pleasures of childhood that coloured the soul of the family estate. It is at the heart of the Cognac region, lulled by the lazy flow of the river Charente, that the secret of the purest spirits is handed down from generation to generation -baking hot chalky pathways espousing the soft, smooth contours of the land - everything here speaks of Cognac's finest vineyard area: Grande Champagne. Wreathed in warmth and sensuality, this is the birthplace of Cognac where time, the sun and the vine provide the backdrop for unforgettable legends, stories of flamboyant alchemy, tales that are the very essence of daydreams. The Domaine has passed from generation to generation, prospering since 1270. Its destiny has been forged by extraordinary people and events such as the 15th century author and celebrated epicurean, François Rebelais, son of Antoine Rabelais and Catherine Frapin. In 1697, the family received its coat of arms from Louis XIV, the Sun King. In 1885, Pierre Frapin founded the firm as we know it today. The family still grows, harvests, distils and ages its cognacs in the traditional way (burnished copper Charetais stills, barrels made fom Limousin oak, alternation of dry and humid cellars).


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