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Heeley Parfums


As a designer influenced by nature, it was natural that James Heeley should be fascinated by the world of scent.  It was after meeting Annick Goutal in 1996 that he discovered how scents were 'designed'.

His first scent, 'Figuier', is remarkable for it's precision in evoking the natural scent of a Mediterranean Fig tree.  With time and experience, his beautifully constructed, simple and fresh scents evolved into more complex creations such as 'Cardinal', 'Esprit du Tigre' and 'Cuir Pleine Fleur'. His continually evolving collection now includes a wide range of scents made according to the art of traditional French perfumery.

Every detail, from the creation of the scent and selection of ingredients, to the recyclable packaging and engraved wooden top is designed 'in house'. Today, Heeley is one of the few owner-founder, luxury perfume houses in Europe.  This independence allows the creative freedom to create individual, quality scents that are quite simply unique.

Born in Yorkshire, England, James Heeley studied Philosophy and Aesthetics at King's College, London University.  He lives and works in Paris.


Eau de Parfum

Chypre 21
$245.00 $195.00

$245.00 $195.00

$245.00 $195.00

Extrait de parfum

$275.00 $200.00
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