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Oudh Osmanthus


Les Nombres d'Or - Oudh Osmanthus
Olfactive Family - Woody Oriental

The enigmatic and much prized essential oil of real Oudh from Laos radiates from the centre of Mona di Orio's 'Oud' (from her Les Nombres d'Or collection) casting a mystical spell on the other notes and highlighting their beauty.

Since the dawn of time, due to its scarcity and cost, the precious Oudh is a resin traditionally reserved for Gods and Royalty. it's a mystery, a myth that goes well beyond a fragrance that is revealed enchantingly, enveloping us in its luxurious aura. This fragrance opens with notes of citrus and precious spices of Elemi, petitgrain and green mandarin. Oudh reveals itself alternating between animalic, leathery, woody and balsamic notes. They embrace in a vibrancy with shadowy patchouli, cedar from Atlas and grey amber, a combination that is rich and aromatic. Osmanthus absolue, with its charmingly warm and mesmerising notes of jasmine, honey and apricot, tempers the Oudh notes.

Oud Accord - Elemi Wood, Calabrian Green Mandarin, Paraguay Petitgrain, Indonesian Patchouli, Osmanthus Absolue, Nagarmotha from India, Atlas Cedarwood, Essential Oil Oudh from Laos, Musk, Ambergris







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